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Need assistance getting your company ready for ISO and other types of quality certifications? Medi Invest Group is a highly-experienced, 9 year-old firm that has helped more than 300 companies nationwide achieve all different types of Certifications. At Medi Invest Group we know that every company has a unique set of needs for their business.

This is why our company has clients in a vast amount of industries that we have helped receive the right certification for them. Collectively, the Medi Invest Group team has over 30 years of Quality Management experience. Call us today for a consultation to help determine which certification is right for your company.

Welcome to Medi Invest Group

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United Surgical had a potential client that was looking to move their manufacturing to an offshore facility to cut manufacturing costs. As part of the qualification process of United Surgical manufacturing processes the potential client required that United Surgical implement an ISO 13485 quality management system. By implementing a quality management system United Surgical provided Read More