Aerospace Machine & Maintenance Shops

Aerospace Machine & Maintenance Shops

ISO Certification for Aerospace and Maintenance Shops

Professionals in the Aerospace Industry can provide their customers with additional assurance that the job can be performed with an AS/ISO certification. This certification ensures that your organization remains in compliance through documentation, constant improvements, and an improving quality system. The OASIS database is available to help companies find suppliers that are also AS/ISO certified. Here’s what you need to know about AS 9100 certification:

Benefits of AS 9100 Certification

  • Reduce the Risk of Failures or Mistakes
  • When professionals are certified, they know the steps of risk management. They know how to design manufacturing lines to prevent failures resulting in fatalities and also to prevent service mistakes.

  • Yields Effective Quality Management
  • Effective quality management is essential to the success of product development. AS/ISO certification teaches the guidelines necessary to ensure the product is made with the highest quality. If the quality is high, people will continue to purchase products and increase revenue.

  • Opportunity to Be Listed on the Online Supplier Information System (OASIS) Database
  • In the aerospace industry, accuracy and reliability is important. Working with other certified suppliers can ensure that the products produced are as safe as they can possibly be.

  • Allows for Continual Improvement
  • This type of certification requires continual improvement. With continual improvement, comes better products and services. Certified professionals know what to do to ensure that they are always producing a product that will meet and exceed customer expectations.

  • Establishes Customer and Stakeholder Trust
  • If you are a preferred supplier, you can gain customer and stakeholder trust. When customers and stakeholders trust that the product is safe and reliable, they buy. This increases revenue and lowers marketing expenses when loyal customers are established.

The Importance of AS 9100 Certification in Aerospace Machine and Maintenance Shops

It’s important to learn as much as possible about certification to increase trust and revenue within a company. There is nothing more effective for increasing revenue than to gain your AS 9100 certification. Try to obtain your certification and keep it current to remain credible in the industry and to ensure safety when products are in use.