Circuit board facilities

Circuit board facilities

ISO Certification for Circuit Board Facilities

ISO certification for circuit board facilities is important because customers need reassurance that the organization is continually improving their quality systems. The processes should be well-documented and be implemented efficiently. There are several benefits of ISO certification for circuit board facilities:

Reduction in Scrap

When you are manufacturing any product, including circuit boards, you want to minimize the scrap materials. The more scrap materials there are, the more money your company has wasted. In addition to the physical materials, your company also wastes time, money, and effort preparing the material and later, throwing it out.

The time, effort, and money adds up over time. When the company is wasteful, there is less money to reinvest in their products and intellectual capital. Thus, businesses do not operate as efficiently as they could.

You should reduce scrap to make your company as profitable and environmentally friendly as possible. ISO standards have answers to help your company less wasteful.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

ISO standards also help companies with increased customer satisfaction. With increased customer satisfaction, companies become more profitable. They, usually, spend less money on marketing because they develop loyal customers who require less advertising and attention to make a sale. Satisfied customers advertise for free, and future potential customers will buy more because the recommendation came from a trusted source. ISO standards to increase customer service is a great way to earn a good return on investment.

Supplier Quality Improvements

Supplier quality improvements involves numerous efforts to reduce costs and improve quality. Most organizations fail to measure the cost of poor supplier quality (COPQ). COPQ “may add up to over 10% of the organization’s revenue.” Materials usually account for less than 50 percent.

Costs, typically, arise because of scrap, sorting, and rework. Lines may be forced to shut down because of poor quality. When inspections fail and errors occur, lines may be shut down. Recalls are expensive. It’s best to avoid recalls and produce a quality product the first time.

ISO Certification for Circuit Board Facilities

Because circuit boards are in important devices that need to operate correctly the first time, companies need ISO standards to ensure their processes are satisfactory. Search the ISO standards for circuit boards to determine what’s best for you.