Technology & semiconductor facilities

Technology & semiconductor facilities

ISO Certification for Technology and Semiconductor Facilities

To increase consumer confidence in the semiconductor industry, it’s important to obtain ISO certification. It raises consumer confidence and gives the organization credibility. Technicians with ISO certification can easily work with Tier 1 manufacturers and provide high quality work. Before issuance of purchase orders and contract manufacturers, ISO certification is required by Tier 1 manufacturers. Some of the benefits received from ISO certification include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in scrap
  • Supplier quality improvements
  • Keep up with over 50 percent of your competitors who are ISO certified
  • Acquire and retain new and existing customers
  • Many large firms require it
  • To assure greater consistency within an organization

What to Expect When Getting ISO Certified

If you make the decision to become ISO certified, you’ll have to overcome some challenges or hurdles. The most common roadblocks are money, resources, and time. Most companies without ISO certification will spend more time and more money than a company with the certification. For instance, some companies may spend extra hours or days processing paperwork without meeting ISO requirements.

Keep in mind that do-it-yourself guides are available, but most, do not effectively merge the company’s existing programs and processes with ISO requirements. Every company must learn how to balance ISO requirement compliance with implementation within the company.

Some companies will offer guarantees that their clients will pass their ISO audits the very first time. Some companies, such as ISO Ready, will pay for a re-audit at no cost. It’s these little offerings that make a difference in how well-received the company is within the system.

Technology and Semiconductor Facilities Worldwide

All companies ranging from large conglomerates such as Freescale and Intel have requested customized solutions to ensure that their organizations are compliant. Without ISO certification, these companies would not have the consistency of processes that is necessary to produce faster and more efficiently than competitors. The next time you review a list of technology and semiconductors worldwide, check for compliance. Most of them are bound to have technicians who are ISO compliant. Incorporate the strategies to determine how they can improve your current processes.