ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001:2008 is used if you are seeking to establish a quality management system that provides confidence in the conformance of your product to established or specified requirements. The standard recognizes that the word “product” applies to services, processed material, hardware and software intended for, or required by, your customer.

ISO 9001:2008 the requirement standard, includes the following main sections:

Quality Management System

Management Responsibility

Resource Management

Product Realization

Measurement analysis and Improvement.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

In order to create consensus between countries regarding industrial standards and technologies, the International Organization for Standardization was formed in Geneva, Switzerland. Products that conform to International Standards are more likely to be good for the environment, safe, and efficient. The countless benefits of these standards are recognized by research institutes, businesses, universities and other international agencies. A California ISO 9001 consultant can help you recognize and incorporate the benefits of ISO 9001 certification into your organization.

About Our Highly Qualified ISO 9001 Consultant

If you're in need of ISO certification, you know that not all ISO 9001 consultants are alike. Michael Madewell has been serving the public for 15 years as an independent quality management consultant. His past clients have benefited from his expertise in manufacturing, alternative energy, research and development, semiconductor, and medical. He's well-respected in the industry, and companies seek his guidance because he provides a "straight forward" approach to achieving ISO compliance.

In his experience, he's worked with companies like Foxconn, Integrated Device Technology, Flextronics, and Dana Corporation to provide them with the techniques to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction, cost savings, environmental compliance, and countless other benefits. Best of all, there are no templates. He tailors his strategies to your organization. With this, you can maximize your return on investment. To find out more about how his expertise can help your company, here's a brief synopsis of what he's helped others achieve in the past:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

If you want to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the products you provide, he can help you incorporate International Standards. Studies have shown that ISO 9001 improves quality and customer satisfaction, and it increases sales. As an ISO 9001 consultant, he will tell you that the way to achieve customer satisfaction is to only do business with companies that are ISO compliant.

Cost Savings

He informs his customers that International Standards will help improve the manufacturing process, which will also help improve your overall expenses and promote cost savings. Streamlining manufacturing costs can help you save money that can later be reinvested into the product to attract more customers.

Access to New Markets

His clients have been exposed to new ways to gain access to new markets. Exposure will prevent any barriers to trade that may have existed before the standards introduced conformity.

Environmental Benefits

As anyone in the consulting business would know, he'll tell you about the negative impact manufacturing has on the environment and how it can be addressed by International Standards.

Increased Market Share and Consistency

International Standards can help businesses maintain a competitive advantage, and he shows you how it can help increase productivity. ISO 9001 certification will improve the consistency in your processes. Without predictability, customers grow frustrated. He shows companies how to make adjustments to achieve their goals.

ISO 9001 will prepare your Business for Success

Our ISO 9001 consulting firm's goal is to make your company more competitive. That's why we offer a full suite of services including ISO 9001 certification. Our consultant prepares you not only for making improvements, but he also informs you of how certification can and cannot be used. "Medi Invest Group offers a 100% no-excuses guarantee that the client will pass the ISO audit their first time."


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