Why Certify

Why Certify

Because your customers are demanding it

Because you need it to keep up with your competition – over 50% of your competitors are ISO certified.

To acquire new business and retain existing customers

Because it is required to do business with many of the largest firms – Boeing, HP, Dell and others – and with the government.

Because you want to be able to answer “yes” to the first question on most Supplier Evaluation Surveys that ask if you are ISO certified.

Because you want to drive business improvements within your organization and be able to document your processes so that there is consistency in the day to day operation.

What’s keeping you from getting ISO certified?

The main roadblocks companies face in getting ISO certified are time, money and internal know-how and resources.

Companies that go it alone without strong internal ISO certification expertise often end up spending significantly more time and money than is necessary.

Internal staff spends extra hours documenting unnecessary processes.

Do-it-yourself guides don’t effectively integrate ISO requirements with existing company programs and processes.

Without experience it can be difficult to balance ISO requirement compliance with ease of implementation within the company.

Medi Invest Group provides an efficient, affordable, full-service turnkey approach to assist companies in obtaining their ISO certification and other quality management certifications that they need to be competitive in their industries and meet customer demands.